About the company

Our company, Früh-Ker Kft. prepares and sells pickles. Our premises are located in Vecsés. The town has rightly become famous for its pickles, one of the key elements of a healthy diet.

Our Schwab ancestors had been growing and pickling cabbage since the 1800’s. Family members still participate in the production process with their expertise which, along with the international HACCP system, guarantees products of excellent quality. The company is and will continue to be built on our traditions. We have preserved the traditional family recipes, inherited from our forefathers and, adapting to changing tastes and health-conscious lifestyle, we are continuously broadening our selection with new products.

Früh-Ker Kft. employs almost one hundred people. Only delicious fruits and vegetables of excellent quality, purchased from Hungarian farmers, go in our souring pools. Our well-equipped, mechanised premises are suitable to serve retailers. Apart from the big chain stores our buyers are wholesale companies, smaller grocery stores, kitchens, restaurants and buffets. Our foreign partners have introduced our excellent quality products to numerous European locations. We have our own sample-store network and we deliver to our customers in any region of Hungary. We are proud of the fair business relationships that we have with our partners!

We hope that you will find a product according to your tastes from our range of more than 40 varieties of pickle, amongst which there are also regional curiosities. And why choose our products? Visit one of our sample-stores and try our pickles to taste the difference!

Our colleagues are at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact them!

Früwirth family

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